26 Mei 2012

Mathemator v1.0b, Aplikasi Cerdas untuk Menghitung Rumus

Aplikasi untuk menghitung rumus Sains, cukup hanya dengan memasukkan angka-angka variable-nya saja..

Sedikit gambaran, berikut beberapa fiturnya :
  • Kalkulator
  • Rumus Aljabar (persamaan linier, kuadrat, faktorial, bilangan prima, etc)
  • Geometri (menghitung luas, keliling, rumus pitagoras, etc)
  • Konverter (satuan berat panjang luas), terintegrasi dengan aplikasi Converter bawaan HP..
  • Graphs (menentukan grafik dari suatu persamaan)
    Kimia (masa molar, fraksi masa)
  • Fisika (Hukum Ohm)
  • dan lain-lain..
    Silakan test saja sendiri

Bagaimana menarik bukan.? Mudah-mudah nanti ada yang men-translate ke bahasa indonesia..
Aplikasi ini juga masih beta dan masih nge-bug di beberapa fiturnya..

Aplikasi ini memang sangat membantu, tapi ambil positifnya saja..

Downlod Mathemator 1.0b

Alternatif aplikasi Matematika lainnya Solution

Semoga Bermanfaat..

Original Review :

Mathemator v1.0 Beta EN by Rebel@POPDA

Special Thanks to MxXxeR

General information about the Mathemator
It is useful for students in math classes, schools and higher education, and not only them.
Main Features
The program is able to do the main calculations. It has all sorts of formulas that allow different kinds of calculations, you just enter a few numbers and you'll get an answer. As can be seen from the main menu of the program, it can help with the following school subjects: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, chemistry, physics and biology. In each section there are one to several functions, and even other sections. Do not forget that this is a test version of the program in the future the number of features and sections will be increased

To use this calculator, just enter the first number and select the action. Then enter the second number and press the Call button or select "Calculate". To reset a result, the need to press C (backspace) or menu, choose "Reset".It is able to carry over numbers different mathematical operations, such as:Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, computation of interest, finding the sine, cosine, tangent, roots of numbers, raising to different degrees (in the future, the number of opportunities to be enlarged)

they pretty easy to use. The relevant section, press the left soft key, then select "Insert function". In the pop field, write a function whose graph you want. Here's an example:"y = 2x2(x+2) + 2x + 2" - write "y =" not necessarily, as well as signs of multiplication and exponentiation. Тa number that stands in front of x, with plotting program will be multiplied by x, and one that appears after the x, will be a power of x. Register introduced function is not considered. In order to increase the schedule, press * to reduce the - #. To clear the graph then press C (Backspace). To make a screenshot, press the select button

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